Excited QCD

8-14 February 2009- Zakopane (Poland)


email: excitedqcd@th.physik.uni-frankfurt.de    


Arrival day in Zakopane: 8 February 2009

Departure day from Zakopane: 14 February 2009


Official list of participants at the Indico page: here

Schedule, Excited QCD 2009: here

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Pdf of each talk can be downloaded here down:


Monday, 9 Feb. 2009

09h10-09h45 KACZMAREK, Olaf: pdf (Heavy Quark Free Energies and Screening from Lattice)

09h45-10h20 PEIGNE, Stephane: pdf (Energy losses in a hot plasma revisited)

10h50-11h25 CROCHET, Philippe: pdf (Heavy flavour measurements with ALICE)

11h25-12h00 GUO, Feng-kun: pdf (S wave interactions between charmed mesons and Goldstone bosons from chiral dynamics)


17h00-17h35 PELAEZ, Jose R.: pdf (Light scalars dependence on quark masses and Nc from unitarized Chiral Perturbation Theory)

17h35-18h10 BUISSERET, Fabien: pdf (Comparative analysis of Large Nc QCD and quark model

approaches to baryons)

18h30-19h05 WILLIAMS, Richard: pdf (Baby-steps beyond rainbow-ladder)

19h05-19h40 PARGANLIJA, Denis: pdf (A Linear Sigma Model with Vector Mesons and Global Chiral Invariance)

19h40-20h15 BAKULEV, Alexander: pdf (Resummation approach in Analytic Perturbation Theory: How many loops do we need to calculate?)


Tuesday, 10 Feb. 2009

09h00-9h35 GIANOTTI, Paola: pdf (Search for exotics at PANDA)

09h35-10h10 BUISSERET, Fabien: pdf (Glueballs and statistical mechanics of the gluon plasma)

10h40-11h15 MATHIEU, Vincent: pdf (The Physics of Glueballs)

11h15-11h50 CARDOSO,Marco: pdf (Lattice QCD and Three-Body Exotic Systems in the static limit)


17h00-17h35 SWANSON, Eric: pdf (Unquenching and Requenching the Constituent Quark Model)

17h35-18h10, JENKINS, Alejandro: pdf (Quark masses: An environmental impact statement)

18h30-19h05 BAKULEV, Alexander: pdf (Pion form factor in QCD)

19h05-19h40 KELLERMANN, Christian: pdf (Nonperturbative calculation of the four-gluon vertex in QCD)

19h40-20h15 BICUDO, Pedro: pdf (The Physics of surfing)



Wednesday, 11 Feb. 2009

09h00-9h35 MORNINGSTAR, Colin: pdf (Exploring Excited Hadrons in Lattice QCD)

09h35-10h10 CREDE, Volker: pdf (Excite baryons at Crystal Barrel/TAPS)

10h40-11h15 LLANES-ESTRADA, Felipe: pdf (How to probe the infrared quark mass with parity doubling in the high baryon spectrum)

11h15-11h50 GALLAS, Susanna: pdf (The chiral partner of the nucleon in the mirror assignment)


17h00-17h35 KIM, Young S: pdf (QCD's Partner needed for Mass Spectra and Parton Structure Functions)

17h35-18h10 MACHADO,Magno: pdf (Nuclear DVCS within the high energy QCD color dipole formalism)

18h30-19h05 BIZZETI,Andrea: pdf (Precision measurements of radiative charged Kaon decays at NA48)

19h05-19h40 VAN CAUTEREN, Tim: pdf (Hyperon resonances in radiative kaon capture)



Thursday, 12 Feb. 2009

09h00-9h35 RICHARD, Jean-Marc: pdf (Exotic mesons with two heavy quarks)

09h35-10h10 SAHOO, Raghunath: pdf (The QCD equation of state with thermal properties of the phi meson)

10h40-11h15 LEE, Bum-hoon: pdf (Finite temperature QCD with matter via holography)

11h15-11h50 WAGNER, Jakub: pdf (Can one measure timelike Compton scattering at LHC ?)


17h00-17h35 MOSKAL, Pavel: pdf (Search for Exotic Matter at COSY)

17h35-18h10 BALEV, Spasimir: pdf (Tests of Chiral Perturbation Theory with Ke4 decays at NA48)

18h30-19h05 KAMINSKI, Robert: pdf (Once and twice subtracted dispersion relations in analysis of pi pi amplitudes)

19h05-19h40 VAZQUEZ DOCE, Oton: pdf (The AMADEUS experiment and the KLOE data analysis for 4He Kinteractions)

19h40-20h15 NAHRGANG, Marlene: pdf (Hydrodynamics with a critical end point)



Friday, 13 Feb. 2009

13h30-14h05 GAMERMANN, Daniel: pdf (Testing the predicted dynamically generated hidden charm scalar state from DDbar mass spectrum)

14h05-14h40 TOLOS, Laura: pdf (Charm mesons at CBM)

15h00-15h35 GAUZZI, Paolo: pdf (KLOE results on light meson spectroscopy)

15h35-16h10 COITO, Susana: pdf (The nature of the X(2175))


16h50-17h25 RUPP, George: pdf (Light and Not So Light Scalar Mesons)

17h25-18h00 SAULI, Vladimir: pdf (Confinement of electrons in QED2+1 and quarks in QCD3+1 in Temporal Euclidean space)

19h05-19h40 BRONIOWSKI, Wojciech: pdf (From chiral quarks to high-energy processes)

19h40-20h15 MALEK, Magdalena: pdf (Low-x QCD studies at the LHC)





There will be proceedings: details will be communicated soon.