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Special topics in heavy-ion collision dynamics

(CRC-TR 211 Transport Meeting)

\begin{equation*} p^{\mu} \frac{\partial f}{\partial x^{\mu}} + m \frac{\partial(K^{\mu} f)}{\partial p^{\mu}} = \frac{1}{2} \frac{g}{(2 \pi \hbar)^3} \int_{\R^3} \frac{\dd^3 \vec{p}_2}{E_2} \int_{\R^3} \frac{\dd^3 \pvec{p}_1}{E_1'} \int_{\R^3} \frac{\dd^3 \pvec{p}_2}{E_2'} W(p_1',p_2' \leftarrow p_1,p_2) \left (f_1' f_2' \, \overline{f} \, \overline{f}_2 - f f_1 \overline{f}_1' \overline{f}_2' \right ) \end{equation*}

Venue: PHYS 2.116
Time:  Thursdays, 2:00 - 3:00pm (s.t.)
Contact: hees@th.physik.uni-frankfurt.de

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February 22 Hidekazu Tsukiji (Kyoto University) Entropy production and thermalization in high-energy heavy-ion collisions with use of quantum distribution functions Abstract
Talk [pdf]
February 26
2:00pm (s.t.)
Phlipp Gubler (RIKEN) The $\phi$ meson in nuclear matter and the strangeness content of the nucleon Abstract
April 12 -
Determination of the Schedule
April 19 -
- -
April 26 - - -
May 03 Enrico Speranza Relativistic hydrodynamics with spin Talk [pdf]
May 10 No Transport Meeting Holiday (Ascencion Day) -
May 17 No Transport Meeting
(Quark Matter 2018)
May 24 - - -
May 31 No Transport Meeting Holiday (Corpus Christi) -
June 07 - - -
June 14 Vinzent Steinberg
Strangeness production in heavy-ion collisions at SIS energies
Talk [pdf]
June 21 Pasi Huovinen (University of Wroclav)
Does $\eta/s$ extracted from the data depend on the EoS?
Talk [pdf]
June 28 Justin Mohs (MSc Talk)
Jonas Rothermel (MSc Talk)
Baryon Stopping in SMASH
Direct photon production in a hadronic transport approach
July 03
3:00pm (s.t.)
PHYS 2.114
Teiji Kunihiro (Kyoto University) Separation of scales and derivation of slow dynamics based on the renormalization-group method TBA
July 05 Lukas Weih
Elias Most
Joint Astro-Nuclear-Physics Colloquium
Constraining the equation of state in the aftermath of GW170817
Talk [pdf]
July 12 Richard Lenkiewicz
(MSc Talk)
Off-equilibrium Bose-Einstein Condensation and $2 \leftrightarrow 3$ scattering processes
Talk [pdf]

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