Transport Meeting

Location: FIAS, Lecture Room 100
Time:  Wednesdays, 10:00 - 11:00 (sharp!)

Program (WS 2013/2014)

October 16
PHYS 2.120
Jan Steinheimer
Spinodal Crumbling
October 23
Christina Markert (special Nuclear Physics Colloquium) Hadronic Resonances in Heavy Ion Collisions at the ALICE experiment
October 30
Gunnar Gräf HBT results from UrQMD Talk [pdf]
November 06
Stephan Endres A theoretical view on dilepton production Talk [pdf]
November 13
Miklós Horváth Testing thermal and transport properties of effective field theories
Talk [pdf]
November 20
Alex Meistrenko Nonequilibrium dynamics and transport in a quark-meson model
November 27
Kai Gallmeister Bozek's pA
December 04
Iuriy Karpenko Beam energy scan using a viscous hydro + cascade
December 11
Max Beitel Hadronic multiplicities and energy spectra from Hagedorn states Talk [pdf]
December 18
Dima Oliinychenko Investigating the transition between hydrodynamics and transport in heavy ion collision simulations
December 25
No transport meeting (Christmas Break)

January 01
No transport meeting (Christmas Break)

January 08
No transport meeting (Christmas Break)

January 15
Florian Senzel TBA
January 22
Christian Wesp Particle-Field Interactions in a Chrial Transport Model Talk [pdf]
January 29
Rafael Derradi de Souza (University of Rio de Janeiro) Effects of initial state fluctuations and jets on flow observables in heavy ion collisions
February 05
Moritz Greif Electric conductivity of the Quark-Gluon Plasma
February 12
Rudy Marty Initial state properties in heavy ion collisions at RHIC and LHC energies

Past Transport Meetings

SS 2013
WS 2012/2013
SS 2012

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