Transport Meeting

Location: FIAS, Lecture Room 100
Time:  Thursdays, 11:15 - 12:15

Program (SS 2013)

 Date  Speaker  Title Presentation
April 18
No transport meeting
April 25
Jussi Auvinen
Beam energy scan in a UrQMD+hydro hybrid model Talk [pdf]
May 02
Pasi Huovinen
Dynamical freeze-out in hydrodynamics
May 09
No transport meeting (Assencion Day)
May 16
Eduardo Fraga (Special Nuclear Physics Colloquium)
Chiral Transition and Deconfinement in Magnetic QCD

Talk [pdf]
May 23
Florian Senzel
Momentum loss of reconstructed jets within ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions TBA
May 30
No transport meeting (Corpus Christi)
- -
June 06
Anton Wiranata
The ratio η/s of an interacting hadron gas. Talk [pdf]
June 13
Felix Reining
Basics about Entropy
June 20
June 27
Benedikt Krimphoff
Stability in relativistic hydrodynamics (BSc talk)
Talk [pdf]
July 04
Ioannis Bouras
Mach cones in heavy-ion collisions and the contribution to the double-peak structure TBA
July 09, 15-16pm
location PHYS _.102

Arnauld Le Fèvre
A new clusterisation algorithm applied to transport models TBA
July 11
Michael Lubinski
Towards Reggeon Field Theory in QCD TBA
July 18
Philipp Bahavar
Julian Schmidt
BSc Talks

Past Transport Meetings

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