Transport Meeting

Venue: PHYS 1.114 (note the unusual room!)
Time:  Wednesdays, 11:00 - 12:00 (s.t.)

September 08

Justin Mohs

Niklas Cichutek
Lorentz invariance of a hadronic transport approach

Elliptic and Triangular Flow in Heavy Ion Collisions within the Framework of a Hadronic Transport Approach

October 19
Determination of the schedule
October 26
Lijia Jiang Critical fluctuations near the QCD critical point
Talk [pdf]
November 02
Jan Fotakis (BSc) The baryon diffusion constant of a hot hadron gas Talk [pdf]
November 09
Feng Bohao The upper limit of $\eta$ in the phase transition
Spherical expansion with rotation in relativistic MHD
Talk [pdf]
November 16
Gabriele Inghirami Numerical magneto-hydrodynamics for relativistic nuclear collisions Talk [pdf]
November 23
Feng Li Spinodal instability in baryon rich quark matter Talk [pptx]
November 30
Sangwook Ryu Jet quenching in the hadronic phase within a hybrid approach
Talk [pdf]
December 07 Daisuke Satow Electric Conductivity of the QGP in a Strong Magnetic Field Talk [pdf]
December 14
Dirk Rischke Anisotropic dissipative fluid dynamics - theory and applications in heavy-ion physics Talk [pdf]
December 21
No transport meeting
December 28
Christmas Break
January 04
Christmas Break
January 11
Harri Niemi Fluid dynamics, viscosity and correlations in heavy-ion collisions TBA
January 18
Christian Schwarz (MSc)

Ömür Erkiner (Bsc)

Comparison of Different Realizations of Cooper-Frye Sampling with Conservation Laws

Strangeness production in heavy-ion collisions at
$E_{\mathrm{kin}} = 1$-$2 A \mathrm{GeV}$
Talk [pdf]

Talk [pdf]

January 25
Kai Zhou Identifying QCD transition using deep learning I
Talk [pdf]
February 01
Kai Zhou
Identifying QCD transition using deep learning II same slides as from last week
February 08 Igor Mishustin Jet quenching phenomena in the early universe Abstract

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