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Special topics in heavy-ion collision dynamics

(CRC-TR 211 Transport Meeting)

\begin{equation*} p^{\mu} \frac{\partial f}{\partial x^{\mu}} + m \frac{\partial(K^{\mu} f)}{\partial p^{\mu}} = \frac{1}{2} \frac{g}{(2 \pi \hbar)^3} \int_{\R^3} \frac{\dd^3 \vec{p}_2}{E_2} \int_{\R^3} \frac{\dd^3 \pvec{p}_1}{E_1'} \int_{\R^3} \frac{\dd^3 \pvec{p}_2}{E_2'} W(p_1',p_2' \leftarrow p_1,p_2) \left (f_1' f_2' \, \overline{f} \, \overline{f}_2 - f f_1 \overline{f}_1' \overline{f}_2' \right ) \end{equation*}

Venue: OSZ S1
Time:  Thursdays, 14:00 - 15:00 (s.t.)
Contact: hees@th.physik.uni-frankfurt.de

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Hendrik van Hees

October 19 Determination of the schedule
October 26 Pasi Huovinen
Fictions, fluctuations and mean fields Talk [pdf]
November 02 Baoyi Chen
Heavy quark and quarkonium production from QGP and strong electromagnetic fields in heavy-ion collisions (part 1)
Talk [pdf]
November 09 Dinesh Srivastava
Production of charm quarks in AA collisions using parton cascade model at RHIC TBA
November 16 Pierre Moreau
Traces of non-equilibrium dynamics in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
Talk [pdf]
November 16
PHS 2.116
Baoyi Chen Heavy quark and quarkonium production from QGP and strong electromagnetic fields in heavy-ion collisions (part 2) Talk [pdf]
November 23 Harri Niemi
Applicability of fluid dynamics in heavy ion collisions Talk [pdf]
November 30 -
December 04
PHYS 2.116
Koichi Hattori
(Fudan University, Shanghai)
QCD Kondo effect in a dense quark matter and in a strong magnetic field Abstract
December 07 Etele Molnar
Extended magnetohydrodynamics from the Boltzmann equation -
December 14 Xu-Guang Huang (Fudan University)
Anomalous transport in heavy ion collisions Talk [pdf]
December 21 Andreas Schmitt
(University of Southampton)
Hydrodynamical instabilities in two-component (super)fluids
Talk [pdf]
December 28 Christmas break
January 04 Christmas break
January 11 -
- -
January 18 Kai Gallmeister
Strangeness Production in low energy Heavy Ion Collisions via  Hagedorn Resonances Talk [pdf]
January 25 Jean-Bernard Rose
Shear viscosity and resonance lifetimes in the hadron gas Talk [pdf]
February 01 Florian Senzel
The AMY emission kernel in a partonic transport approach Talk [pdf]
February 01
4:30pm (s.t.)
PHYS 2.116
Gabriel Denicol Divergence of the gradient and slow-roll expansions and the validity of hydrodynamics Abstract
Talk [pdf]
February 08 Jan Fotakis (MSc talk)
Diffusion of conserved charges in relativistic heavy ion collisions
Talk [pdf]
February 22
PHYS 2.116
Hidekazu Tsukiji Entropy production and thermalization in high-energy heavy-ion collisions with use of quantum distribution functions Abstract

SFB CRC-TR 211 Colloquia etc.

Place and Time
November 22 CRC Colloquium GU Frankfurt PHYS __.111 4pm (c.t.) Johanna Stachel
November 28 EMMI Physics Day GSI Lecture Hall (SB1.201) 09:30am-05:00pm -
December 11 CRC Colloquium
Bielefeld University Lecture Hall H6 4pm (c.t.) Claudia Ratti
February 09 CRC Colloquium TU Darmstadt ZKS-Uhrturmhörsaal (S2|08, Room 171) 02:00pm (s.t.) (TBC) Mark Alford

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