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Special topics in heavy-ion collision dynamics
(Transport Meeting)

\begin{equation*} p^{\mu} \frac{\partial f}{\partial x^{\mu}} + m \frac{\partial(K^{\mu} f)}{\partial p^{\mu}} = \frac{1}{2} \frac{g}{(2 \pi \hbar)^3} \int_{\R^3} \frac{\dd^3 \vec{p}_2}{E_2} \int_{\R^3} \frac{\dd^3 \pvec{p}_1}{E_1'} \int_{\R^3} \frac{\dd^3 \pvec{p}_2}{E_2'} W(p_1',p_2' \leftarrow p_1,p_2) \left (f_1' f_2' \, \overline{f} \, \overline{f}_2 - f f_1 \overline{f}_1' \overline{f}_2' \right ) \end{equation*}

Venue: PHYS 2.114
Time:  Thursdays, 2:15 - 3:15pm
Contact: hees@itp.uni-frankfurt.de

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The transport meeting now has an official mailing list. To get announcements concerning the seminar schedule etc. please subscribe under

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Video streaming

Usually the talks are live-streamed via Vidyo (but not recorded!) under


Under Linux there are problems since the link is not properly resoved in the browser. I've already contacted the media support of the GU. I hope they have a solution.

Another Linux problem is to install the vidyo client. There is an unresolvable package dependency (at least for some time with recent Ubuntu releases). The trick is to download the deb package from, e.g., here
and then install it via

sudo dpkg -i --ignore-depends=libqt4-gui VidyoDesktopInstaller-ubuntu64-TAG_VD_3_6_3_017.deb
To avoid the package manager complaining about the unresolved dependency, edit the corresponding entry in the file


Summer Semester 2019

April 18 - - -
April 25 Jan Staudenmeier Introduction to GIT - What is it? Why should you use it? How does it work? (Z02 Talk) Talk [pdf]
May 02 Juan Torres-Rincon Influence of the QCD critical point on the nucleon-nucleon potential and nuclear correlations Abstract
Talk [pdf]
May 09 - - -
May 16 - - -
May 23 - - -
May 30 No Transport Meeting Ascension Day -
June 06 Oscar Garcia-Montero (Heidelberg University) Non-equlibrium photons from the thermalizing Glasma Abstract
June 13 - - -
June 20 No Transport Meeting Corpus Christi -
June 27 - - -
July 04 - - -
July 11 - - -
July 18 - - -

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