Transport Meeting

Location: FIAS, Lecture Room 100
Time:  Thursdays, 10:15 - 11:15

Program (WS 2012/2013)

 Date  Speaker  Title Presentation
October 18 No transport meeting - -
October 25 No transport meeting (HGS Hire student days) - -
November 1 Organizing the talks - -
November 8 No transport meeting (PAC Meeting in Gie├čen; HQM Lecture Week) - -
November 15 No Meeting (Heavy-Quark Workshop@Utrecht) - -
November 22 Maximilian Attems
Oliver Fochler+Jan Uphoff
Longitudinal thermalization via the chromo-Weibel instability
A closer look at the Gunion-Bertsch approximation
Talk [pdf]
Talk [pdf]
November 29 No transport meeting
December 6 -
December 13 Vitalii Ozvenchuk
Dynamical equilibration of strongly interacting 'infinite' parton matter
Talk [pdf]
December 20 Felix Reining
Hadronization in BAMPS
Talk [pdf]
December 27 Christmas Break - -
January 3 Christmas Break - -
January 10 Christmas Break - -
January 17 Iurii Karpenko
Alexei Larionov
Status of viscous hydrodynamic code development
Charmonium production in antiproton-induced reactions on nuclei
Talk [pdf]
Talk [pdf] [ppt]
January 24 George Moschelli Hydrodynamic Tests of Fluctuating Initial Conditions Talk [pptx]
January 31 Jussi Auvinen
Rudy Marty
Dirty details of an elastic energy loss Monte Carlo model
From the classical equations of motion to Relativistic Quantum Molecular Dynamics
Talk [pdf]
Talk [pdf]
February 7 Maxim Beitel
Janus Weil
Hagedorn Spectra and Decay Widths
Dilepton Production at SIS energies
Talk [pdf]
February 14 Philipe Mota TBA TBA

Past Transport Meetings

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