Transport Meeting

Location: FIAS, Seminar Room 101
Time:  Thursdays, 10:15 - 11:15

Talks (Summer Semester 2012)

 Date  Speaker  title Presentation
May 03 Alex Meistrenko Collisional energy loss of heavy quarks [pdf]
May 10 Yunpeng Liu Bc meson enhancement at LHC [pdf]
May 17 no transport meeting (Ascension Day) - -
May 24 Stephan Endres Dileptons with UrQMD [pdf]
May 31 canceled due to room problems - -
June 07 no colloquium (Corpus Christi) - -
June 14 Christoph Herold Dynamic enhancement of fluctuations at the QCD phase transition [pdf]
June 21 Andrei El Dissipative effects in mixtures [pdf]
June 28 no transport meeting (Non-equilibrium Dynamics Workshop at Crete) - -
July 05 Christian Wesp Dynamical Simulation of a Linear Sigma Model [pdf]
July 12 Maxim Beitel Implementation of Hagedorn States into UrQMD [pdf]

Last updated: July 13, 2012