Plasma Astrophysics (ASTRO6880)


Instructuor: Yosuke Mizuno
Office: Physics Building R718
Phone: 03-574-2954

Class hours: Wednesday (W7W8W9)
Place: Physics Building R701

1. Couse description:

This course will provide an introduction to physics of the most of visible matter in the universe, i.e., plasma state. I will begin the introduction about the plasma with discussion of the huge ranges of densities and temperatures at which plasmas are found on earth and in the universe. Next, I will describe the physics of particles and fluids motion in electromagnetic fields. I will concentrate the most simple and useful description of plasma, magnetohydrodynamics and their properties such as waves, instabilities, shocks, dynamo, and magnetic reconnections. I will provide astrophysical applications through this lecture.

2. Text:

None required. Lecture note will be posted on my website before the subject.

3. References:

(1) gFundamentals of Plasma Physicsh, P. M. Bellan, 2006, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
(2) gPlasma Physics for Astrophysicsh, R. M. Kulsrud, R. M. 2005, Princeton University Press
(3) gPlasma Physicsh, P.A. Sturrock, 1994, Cambridge University Press
(4) gThe Physics of Plasmash, T. J. M. Boyd and J. J. Sanderson, 2003, Cambridge University Press

4. Teaching method:

This course will go mainly with classroom lectures and discussion. There will be homework for each chapter.

5. Evaluation:

Attendance (10%)
Homework (30%)
Mid-term Exam (30%)
Final Exam or Final Presentation (30%)

Lecture Notes

Ch. 0: Intrudction [PPT] [PDF]

Ch. 1: Basic Concepts of Plasma [PPT] [PDF]

Ch. 2: Single Particle Motion [PPT] [PDF]

Ch. 3: Kinetic Theory [PPT] [PDF]

Ch. 3.5: Multi-Fluid Theory of Plasma [PPT] [PDF]

Ch. 4: Single-Fluid Theory of Plasma - Magnetohydrodynamics [PPT] [PDF]

Ch. 5: Waves in Plasma [PPT] [PDF]

Ch. 6: Shocks and Discontinuities [PPT] [PDF]

Ch. 7-1: Instabilities I [PPT] [PDF]

Ch. 7-2: Instabilities II [PPT] [PDF]

Ch. 8: Outflow and Accretion [PPT] [PDF]

Ch. 9: Astrophysical Dynamo [PPT] [PDF]

Ch. 10: Magnetic Reconnection [PPT] [PDF]

Appendix [PDF]

Exercise 1 [PDF]

Exercise 2 [PDF]

Final Presentation [PPT] [PDF]

(i) Presentation 1: Magnetic Fields in Supernova Remnants and Pulsar-Wind Nebulae
     Part1 [PPT] [PDF], Part2 [PPT] [PDF], Part3

(ii) Presentation 2: Magnetic Fields in Multiphase Interstellar Medium
     Part1 [KEY] [PDF], Part2 [PPT] [PDF], Part3 [PDF]

(iii) Presentation 3: Magnetic Fields in Astrophysical Jets


Yosuke Mizuno