RAISHIN code is used a conservative finite volume shock-capturing schemes (Gudonov-type schemes) to solving the hyperbolic partial differential equations (PDE). This version of code is specialized for solving 3D ideal special & general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics (3DSRMHD/3DGRMHD) using 3D MPI parallelization.

Ability of RAISHIN code

  • Multi-dimension (1D, 2D, 3D)
  • Spacial & General relativity (metric is static)
  • Different coordinates (SRMHD: Cartesion, Cylindrical, Spherical and GRMHD: Boyer-Lindquist of non-rotating and rotating black hole)
  • Different spatial reconstruction schemes (7)
  • Different approximate Riemann solver schemes (4)
  • Different constrained transport schemes (3) or divergence cleaning scheme (1)
  • Different time advance schemes (2)
  • Using constant G-law and approximate Equation of State (Synge-type)
  • Parallelized by MPI


  • Mizuno et al. 2006, arXiv: astro-ph 0609004 (for solving equations, using schemes, and 1D test problem) [URL]
  • Mizuno et al. 2011, ApJ, 734, 19 (for multi-dimenstional test problems) [URL]
  • Mizuno 2013, ApJS, 205, 7 (for Resistive RMHD problems) [URL]

Perhaps it may be useful to see my presentation about RAISHIN code. The presentation is here.


If you want to use RAISHIN code, please contact to me.

  • RAISHIN-3DSRMHD (ver. 03.02.15) [tar] [zip]

  • RAISHIN-3DSRRMHD (ver. 10.04.14) [tar] [zip]

  • RAISHIN-3DGRMHD (ver. 27.04.15) [tar] [zip]

For more detail for using the RAISHIN code, please read README file. If you find any bugs in the RAISHIN code, please let me know.


Yosuke Mizuno