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Location: ITP, Science Campus Riedberg, Max-von-Laue-Str. 1, room 02.116
Time:  Thursdays, 4:30-5:30pm (plus 10min for discussion)
Contact: hees@fias.uni-frankfurt.de

Upcoming colloquia (Winter Semester 2015/2016)

Date Speaker Title Abstract
March 02
PHYS 2.116
Ben Hörz
(School of Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin)
Pion-pion scattering from Lattice QCD using the stochastic LapH method Abstract
March 03
PHYS 2.116
Di-Lun Yang
(Theoretical Research Division, Nishina Center, RIKEN)
Collective Flow of Photons in Strongly Coupled Gauge Theories Abstract
April 14 - - -
April 18
PHYS 2.116
C.-J. David Lin
(Institute of Physics, National Chiao-Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan)
The Yang-Mills gradient flow and the infrared behaviour of SU(3) gauge theory with 12 flavours Abstract
April 21 - - -
April 28 - - -
May 05 Holidy (Ascension Day) - -
May 12 - - -
May 19 Gergely Endrödi (ITP Goethe University Frankfurt) Butterflies and lattices Abstract
May 26 Holiday (Corpus Christi) - -
June 02
Antje Peters (ITP Goethe University Frankfurt) Lattice QCD investigation of BB and B anti-B four-quark systems

Rehearsal of a 15min talk to be given at  the "11th International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium (QWG2016)"
June 09
2:30pm (s.t.)
FIAS 100
Igor Shovkovy (Arizona State University) Many faces of chiral magnetic effects Abstract
June 09 Stefan Leupold (Uppsala University) Electromagnetic form factors - Why they are interesting and how to calculate them Abstract
June 10
10:00 am (s.t.)
PHYS 2.116
Mark Alford (Washington University St. Louis) Mass-radius relation for hybrid stars Abstract
Talk [pdf]
June 13
3:00 pm (s.t.)
PHYS 2.116
Mark Alford (Washington University St. Louis) The EPR experiment: what does it tell us? Abstract
Talk [pdf]
June 16 Transport Meeting - -
June 23 Bastian Brandt (ITP Goethe University Frankfurt) QCD thermodynamics and finite temperature spectroscopy with two flavours of Wilson fermions Abstract
Talk [pdf]
June 30 Jamal Jalilian-Marian (Baruch College CUNY)
QCD at small $x$: gluon saturation Abstract
July 07 Falk Bruckmann (University Regensburg) Phase diagram of an asymptotically free model through lattice dualization
July 11
4:30pm (s.t.)
PHYS 2.116

Philip von Doetinchem
(University of Hawai’i at Manoa)
Cosmic-ray antideuteron searches
July 14 Thorben Graf (SUBATECH Nantes) Thermodynamics of massive hot and cold pQCD Abstract
August 09
Kenji Fukushima (Tokyo University)
Some controversies on fermionic matter with vorticity

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