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Location: ITP, Science Campus Riedberg, Max-von-Laue-Str. 1, room 02.116
Time:  Thursdays, 16:30 - 17:30 (plus 10min for discussion)
Contact: hees@fias.uni-frankfurt.de

Upcoming colloquia

 Date  Speaker  Title Presentation
September 14
1:00pm, ITP 2.114
Dr. Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler (Universidade de Sao Paulo) Bulk viscosity effects on event by event relativistic hydrodynamics TBA
October 18 - - -
October 25 Douglas Singleton (CSU Fresno) Possible tests of the Unruh effect Abstract
November 1 Roberto Casadio (University of Bologna) Gravitational collapse and the quantum: horizons, Hawking radiation and all that Abstract
November 8 No Colloquium (PAC meeting, HQM lecture week) - -
November 9, 1:30pm
Seminar room Physics 2.116
Björn Schenke (BNL) Combined Yang-Mills and relativistic viscous fluid-dynamic simulation of event-by-event flow at RHIC and LHC Abstract
November 15 Larry McLerran (BNL) Dark Energy, the Standard Model and an Electroweak Axion Abstract
November 22 Surasree Mazumder (VECC, Kolkata) Physics of Transport Coefficients in the Quark Gluon Plasma Abstract
November 29 no colloquium (Workshop on Nuclear equation of state at FIAS) -
December 4, 4:30pm, ITP 2.116 Ngyen Van Giai (IPN Orsay) The Slater approximation for Coulomb exchange energy in covariant mean field theory Abstract
December 6 Falk Bruckmann
QCD probed by magnetic fields and boundary conditions Abstract
December 13 Bengt Friman (GSI Darmstadt) Probing the phase diagram of QCD with fluctuations
December 20
1:00pm, FIAS 100
Tigran Kalaydzhyan (DESY Hamburg) New approach to the local strong parity violation in the quark-gluon plasma Abstract
December 27 Christmas Break - -
January 3 Christmas Break - -
January 10 Christmas Break - -
January 17 No Colloquium (special RNM/EMMI Workshop on pA collisions at GSI 2:00pm-6:30pm)
January 23
11:00am, FIAS 100
Tamas Biro
(Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungarian  Academy of Sciences, Budapest)
Ideal Gas provides Tsallis Distribution
January 24 Krishna Rajagopal (MIT department of Physics)
The Hottest, and most Liquid, Liquid in the Universe Abstract
January 31 Eva Sicking (ALICE Collaboration, CERN) Multiplicity Dependence of Two-Particle Angular Correlations in Proton-Proton collisions measured with ALICE at the LHC Abstract
February 7 Zvi Citron (ATLAS Collaboration, Weizmann Institute of Science) Heavy Ion Physics with the ATLAS Experiment Abstract
February 14 Piotr Salabura (Jagiellonian University of Crac

HADES experiment at GSI: an overview of experimental results and perspectives


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