FOR 801 Annual Workshop 2012

The DFG-Research Unit 801 is a collaboration of experimental groups in Hamburg, Mainz and Munich  and theoretical groups in Aachen, Frankfurt and Munich. We investigate degenerate gases, in particular spinor gases and Bose-Fermi and Fermi-Fermi mixtures, both with and without optical lattices.

Strong correlations have been studied for many decades, particularly in condensed matter and nuclear physics. They play a crucial role in understanding complex phenomena like superconductivity, metal-insulator transitions or the excitation spectra of nuclei. Building on the achievement of Bose-Einstein-Condensation (BEC) and degenerate Fermi gases in ultracold atomic vapors, strong correlation phenomena have recently been shown to appear even in such dilute gases. This has opened a new chapter in atomic and molecular physics, where interactions rather than single particle physics are at center stage.

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