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Lattice Journal Club WS 20/21

    The Lattice Journal Club talks are intended to give all members of our lattice groups (Bachelor, Master, PhD, PostDoc) the opportunity to discuss together topics/papers/difficulties that are of interest for our research. Speakers should give a pedagogical introduction to their topic, and then explain their own work/project. The style of the Journal Club is informal and its aim pedagogical, encouraging discussions within the group.

    Speakers please send a title for the seminar on the Monday before at the latest!

    Regular meeting time: Friday 14:15


    Volodymyr Chelnokov: Effective Polyakov loop models in the large N limit


    Christoph Konrad: Coarse graining in effective theories of lattice QCD in low dimensions


    Jonas Scheunert: Logarithmic resummations and the finite cluster method


    Christopher Winterowd: Lattice investigation of many-body interactions in graphene


    Christian Reisinger: Direct computation of the static force with the multilevel algorithm


    Reinhold Kaiser: Using a kurtosis finite size scaling formula to locate the heavy Z(2) point in Nf=2 LQCD


    Anh Quang Pham: Analytic aspects of lattice QCD effective theory


    Michael Eichberg: Spin-dependent corrections to the static quark potential