About me

Im a postdoc researcher at Relativistic Astrophysics at the Institute of Theoretical Physics of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.
My research is mainly focused on the study of high energetic astrophysical processes, using the large-scale and high-performance numerical relativity and general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics simulations. I'm particularly interested in the behaviour of scalar field dark matter around a black hole, non-spherical - Bondi-Hoyle - accretion around rotating black holes including gradients in the density and velocity of the gas, magnetized torus evolution around compact objects and the emission of gravitational waves from the non-linear interaction between a tilted disc and rotating black hole. I'm also interested in the solution of neutron stars and quark stars with anisotropies and interating quarks. In my present postdoc I'm doing an study of the electron distribution function along the jet and in the disc called kappa model to construct the black hole shadow as part of the Event Horizon Telescope and Black Hole Cam collaborations.