About me

Im a postdoc researcher at Relativistic Astrophysics at the Institute of Theoretical Physics of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.
My research interest includes accretion onto compact objects (vacuum black hole, hairy black hole or neutrons star), numerical evolution of magnetized torus and jet launching around a black hole, relativistic jets, black hole shadows and multi-wavelength emission by non-thermal particles. I'm also interested in the solution of neutron stars and quark stars with anisotropies and interating quarks. The emission of gravitational waves from the non-linear interaction between a tilted disc and rotating black hole.
In my present postdoc I'm performing the large-scale and high-performance numerical relativity and general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics simulations to study the evolution of magnetized accretion discs and relativistic jet launching as well as jet interaction with the medium, as part ot the ERC project JETSET.
In the EHT ( Event Horizon Telescope) collaboration, I'm part of the Theory and Simulation group and eDF (electron Distribution Function) subgroup. My role is to help in the numerical modelling of the black hole shadows of M87 and SgrA* supermassive black holes, and it's the theoreical interpretation. In particular, I'm analysing the impact of the nonthermal electrons on the multi-wavelength electrmagnetic emission.

After my participation on the analysis of the first image of SgrA* at event horizon scales, I was honored with the Early Career Awards 2022.