Tutorial 1 (02/Dec/2021): Introduction, installing and shock tube test

Evolution of MHD variables developing shocks and waves: fast rarefaction wave, slow compound wave, contact discontinuity, slow shock, and a right fast rarefaction wave in the region.
The python script can be found here

Tutorial 2 (03/Dec/2021): Mesh Refinament around a torus and jets

  • Kerr black hole and torus setup used in the tutorial here

Nonlinear evolution of magnetized disk around spinning black hole with dimensionless spin a=+15/16. The initial magneto-centrifugal equilibrium disk was constructed using Fishbone-Moncrief torus by assuming that the fluid is described by an ideal gas equation of state with adiabatic index Γ=5/3. The inner radius of the torus is located at r_in =12 M, and the center of the disk is located at r_c=24M. Initially, the magnetic field is weak with β=100, and during its evolution, the magnetic field amplified to the MAD state. We added a pressure perturbation to trigger the magnetorotational instabilities. For this example, we used four mesh refinement levels fixing high resolution in the jet region.
The python script can be found here