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Location: ITP, Science Campus Riedberg, Max-von-Laue-Str. 1, room 02.116
Time:  Thursdays, 16:30 - 17:30 (plus 10min for discussion)
Contact: hees@fias.uni-frankfurt.de

Past colloquia: Summer Semester 2012

 Date  Speaker  title Abstract
April 12 Thomas Heinzl (Plymouth University) Quantum Electrodynamics in Strong Laser Fields Abstract Presentation [pdf]
April 19 - - -
April 25
Physics Building __.102
Hamza Berrehrah (SUBATECH, Nantes) Quarkonia propagation and collectivity in the quark gluon plasma: towards the suppression of J/Ψ suppression at high temperatures Abstract
April 26 Takeshi Kodama (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) Stochastic Variational Method and Dissipative Processes Abstract
May 03 - - -
May 10 Jonas Mureika (Loyola Marymount University) The Phenomenology of Ungravity Abstract
May 17 no colloquium (Ascension Day) - -
May 24 Piero Nicolini (FIAS) The gravitational field at the shortest scales Abstract Presentation [pdf]
May 31 Matthias F. M. Lutz (GSI/TU Darmstadt) Some challenges in hadron physics Abstract
June 07 no colloquium (Corpus Christi) - -
June 14 W. A. Horowitz (University of Capetown) Perturbative Probes of Heavy Ion Collisions? Abstract
June 21 Denes Molnar Getting particles from a viscous fluid Abstract
June 22, 14:30h
FIAS 100
Mohab Abou Zeid (Universität Hannover) Advances in Computing Scattering Amplitudes in Gauge and Gravity Theories Abstract
June 28 no colloquium (Non-equilibrium Dynamics Workshop at Crete) - -
July 05 Robert Roth (TU Darmstadt) New Horizons in Ab-Initio Nuclear Structure Theory Abstract Presentation [pdf]
July 12 Kai Schweda (GSI Darmstadt) The charming side of ALICE Abstract
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