Last modified by valad on 2024/01/29 19:01

Nextcloud is a platform for storing, syncing and sharing files. It is mainly targeted as alternative to Dropbox. Dropbox is highly political because the data is store somewhere in the world esp. USA, with data protection rules not compatible with ours. The Nextcloud is hosted in our server room.

The address is

The login is your normal ITP login (not your email address).

On our Linux installation the sync client is already installed. Search for "Nextcloud desktop sync client", from the command line start "nextcloud". The installation is self explaining. Use the server address from above.

For other operating systems the clients are offered for download from the first login, or from the Nextcloud website [].

Where to store you synced data on the ITP computer

The Nextcloud Server has its own backup and an internal undo function. So there is basically no need the have an additional backup from the home directory. If you only have some hundreds of mega bytes, don't worry. For larger file sets there are four options we recommend:

  • If your computer has a /data partition, put it there. But it's only accessible from the computer itself.
  • In your home create a sub directory 'nobackup' and but it there. This is in the exclude list from the daily backup.
  • Use the scratch disk /home/work-itp
  • Use the Ceph storage /mnt/ceph

Additional Help

After login to the Nextcloud server, you will find some example files and (important) the Nextcloud User Manual. Please read this first to understand how to use the system. If there are still questions, you may write to the usual support address.