Account lifecycle

Last modified by Thomas Coelho (local) on 2023/03/01 14:45

The ITP maintains its own account database. This is not associated with the university (HRZ) account.

New Accounts

The following information is needed for an account creation for a new member/student/guest of the ITP:

  • Name: Name of the new member.
  • Room: The room number of the room the new member will work at. If the person will not have an office in the ITP/GSC, we use the office of the supervisor to have a connection to the group.
  • Telephone: If there exists a telephone in the room, then the telephone number of this telephone.
  • Expiration Date: Until which date is the account needed? (end of the contract; deadline of the bachelor/master thesis; or end of visit of a long term guest) (The expiration date can be extended if the contract/deadline/visit is extended.)
  • Notice of the working group: A short notice from the head of the working group or the corresponding secretariat that this person will work in the corresponding group (a short email sent from the secretariat directly to us is enough).
  • Name of the HRZ-account: Each member and long term guest of the ITP, who wants an ITP-account, additionally needs an account of the HRZ and needs to tell us the account name. Students of the Goethe University should already have a HRZ-account (beginning with the the letter s and followed by several digits). Important: As soon as the HRZ-account expires, the ITP-account expires to. Even if the account was created with a later expiration date.

After the account creation, the new member/student/guest can get their account information at room 01.128 or printed on a printer in a secretary. Alternatively we have implemented a mail service which sends encrypted, one time links to the registered HRZ mail address.


Every account has an expire date which is often synced with the HRZ account expire date. External accounts need to prolonged once a year.

After the account expires, it is no longer accessible. Users will be informed by 3 mails at 14, 7, 3 days before the account is about to expire.

Incoming mail will still be processed.

The account can be easily reactivated in this state.

Deleting and archiving

6 to 12 months after the expire date accounts will be delete. In general we assume that the account contains scientic data used for publication. This data need to be archived for ten year. Therefore to content of the home directory is compressed to an archive file and then archived at HRZ tape service. There it will be automatically deleted after 10 year.

Important: Because the home directory can contain personal data, you can disagree with the archiving based on DSGVO. The archive file is imidiatly deleted then. For this you must store the scientific data somewhere else in your working group. We also need a written permission of the group leader, that this has been done.