Topological hybrid structures

A 2d semiconductor Josephson junction, hosting Majorana states (red) at tits edges.

Superconducting hybrid materials, e.g., combining semiconductors, supercondcutors and magnetism, can host topological superconducting phases with Majorana edge modes. Majorana In order to improve our understanding of experimental challenges, we try to find a more realistic microscopic description of the proximity effect, e.g., in quantum wires or 2d Josephson junctions. We also investigate unconventional Josephson effects in magnetic Josephson junctions, e.g., with a ground state at nonzero phase difference.

Falko Pientka
Falko Pientka
Professor of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

My research focuses on quantum many-body physics, especially quantum transport in low-dimensional or mesoscopic systems.