Using LORENE code to generate the initial data for Nuetron stars

Alejandro Cruz Osorio, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Frankfurt

Rotating star

This description was thought to use in a Einstein Toolkit framework, then you need to install Einstein Toolkit and LORENE first.

--> Load lorene, tipying :
cd /Lorene/
--> Compile
cd ../rotatingNew/
make uninstall
make -f Makefile rotseq ! rotseq = secuence ot rotation of the star
--> Execute
cd magstar/

-->The results is saved in file resu.d. You need to remenber the path to locate this file.
--> To include the initial data of the neutron star on your Einstein Toolkit subroutine, you must going to you input.par and add this line
Meudon_Mag_NS::filename = "/home/..path../magstar/resu.d"
--> Then you need to compile your Thorns and execute
./simfactory/bin/sim submit TOV_Elias[or name of your directory] --procs=24 --walltime=2:0:0 --machine loewe[or name of your machine]
--> You can test first if the couple between LORENE and Einstein Toolkit is working, in order to do this you need doing the follow
this is to say your machine (loewe in my case) that you are runing a test.
salloc -N 12 --mem-per-cpu=2400 --time=00:59:00 --partition=test
this is to test if you file.par is ok
~/Cactus/exe/cactus_sim -P Magstar_Test.par
this is for run the initial data bu only for one hour.
run -n 48 ~/Cactus/exe/cactus_sim Magstar_Test.par 2>&1 |tee log.out