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Heisenberg Professorship "Exotic mesons from lattice QCD"

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Palaver WS 2021/22

In WS 2021/22 Palaver takes place every week between 15:15 and 16:15 (we will use zoom; I will send the link via the access mailing list). Each speaker has 30 minutes (20 to 25 minutes for the talk, 5 to 10 minutes for questions and discussion).

Important: Talks must be addressed to a broad audience of physicists! Focus on the physical motivation, general ideas and the main results and their relevance, instead of technicalities (some guidelines, how to prepare a good Palaver talk: palaver_guidelines.pdf [by Antje Peters, Christopher Czaban, Sven Köppel])!

Important: Send your title one week before your talk via email!

Important: The referee has to check the slides of the corresponding speaker several days before the talk! It is his/her task, to assure that the talk can be understood by everybody in the audience, e.g. also bachelor/master students working in/on rather orthogonal groups/topics!

Communications and reminders also via the access mailing list.

18. Oct 2021:

15. Nov 2021:

22. Nov 2021:

29. Nov 2021:

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10. Jan 2022:

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31. Jan 2022:

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