Flow and dissipation in ultrarelativistic Heavy Ion Collisions

ECT*/HICforFAIR/CATHIE/Nikhef workshop at ECT* Trento

Monday September 14 - Friday September 18, 2009

Marcus Bleicher, Frankfurt
Carsten Greiner, Frankfurt
Pasi Huovinen, Frankfurt
Peter Petreczky, BNL
Raimond Snellings, NIKHEF

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Scientific background:

The success of ideal-fluid hydrodynamics in reproducing the observed azimuthal anisotropy of particles produced in heavy-ion collisions at RHIC gave rise to the notion of quark-gluon plasma as a perfect fluid. As a matter with, if not zero, with extremely low shear viscosity coefficient to entropy ratio eta/s. Since then there has been a great interest in the heavy-ion physics community to measure and determine how large the shear viscosity coefficient actually is. In this workshop we want to address the bold question of what it takes to measure the ratio eta/s of partonic matter: How can we extract the ratio from the present data, or do we need additional measurements? Are our models reliable enough and what are their uncertainties and unknowns? How to constrain these unknowns?

On more down-to-earth level we aim to summarise what we do know about the matter at high temperature: degrees of freedom, EoS and transport coefficients, and what we can expect to learn in the near future, especially what are the prospects of achieving quantitative instead of qualitative understanding of hot QCD matter.
We will concentrate on the following issues:


List of participants:

  1. Barbara Betz
  2. Ante Bilandzic
  3. Ioannis Bouras
  4. Piotr Bozek
  5. Laszlo Csernai
  6. Gabriel Denicol
  7. Andrej El
  8. ShinIchi Esumi
  9. Francois Gelis
  10. Clement Gombeaud
  11. Ulrich Heinz
  12. Tomoi Koide
  13. Roy Lacey
  14. Mike Lisa
  15. Matt Luzum
  16. Mauricio Martinez
  17. Denes Molnar
  18. Akihiko Monnai
  19. Azwinndini Muronga
  20. Marlene Nahrgang
  21. Harri Niemi
  22. Chiho Nonaka
  23. Robert Peschanski
  24. Andre Peshier
  25. Hannah Petersen
  26. Scott Pratt
  27. Dirk Rischke
  28. Yuri Sinyukov
  29. Huichao Song
  30. Derek Teaney
  31. Giorgio Torrieri
  32. Josh Vredevoogd
  33. Sergei Voloshin
  34. Fuqiang Wang
  35. Klaus Werner
  36. Zhe Xu


  1. Barbara Betz, Jet Propagation and Mach Cone Formation in (3+1)dimensional Ideal Hydrodynamics
  2. Ante Bilandzic, ALICE flow package
  3. Ioannis Bouras, Relativistic Shocks in viscous Gluon Plasma
  4. Piotr Bozek, Flow and HBT from ideal hydro
  5. Laszlo Csernai, Quarkyonic matter and Constituent Quark Number Scaling
  6. Gabriel Denicol, Kinetic derivation of fluid dynamics for multi-component systems
  7. Andrej El, Third order dissipative fluid dynamics
  8. ShinIchi Esumi, Jet-flow correlations
  9. Francois Gelis, The CGC approach to hydro initial conditions
  10. Clement Gombeaud, Effects of flow fluctuations and partial thermalization on v_4
  11. Ulrich Heinz, Hydrodynamic modelling for heavy-ion collisions: status and open questions
  12. Tomoi Koide, Microscopic formula to calculate transport coefficients of relativistic non-Newtonian fluid
  13. Roy Lacey, New constraints for the transport coefficient of the Quark Gluon Plasma
  14. Mike Lisa, Correlations, spectra and conservation laws: a case for collective flow in p+p collisions?
  15. Matt Luzum, Viscous Hydrodynamic Predictions for Nuclear Collisions at the LHC
  16. Mauricio Martinez, Constraining the onset of viscous hydrodynamics
  17. Denes Molnar, Covariant transport, dissipation and flow
  18. Akihiko Monnai, Viscous Effects on Distribution Function and Relativistic Hydrodynamic Equations
  19. Azwinndini Muronga, Beyond second order theories of relativistic dissipative fluids
  20. Marlene Nahrgang, Hydrodynamics with a critical point
  21. Harri Niemi, Riemann problem and kinetic theory as a numerical test for viscous hydrodynamics
  22. Chiho Nonaka, Hybrid model with the QCD critical point
  23. Robi Peschanski, Boost-Invariant Flow from AdS/CFT
  24. Andre Peshier, Panta Rhei
  25. Hannah Petersen, Elliptic flow results from a hybrid model (pdf)
  26. Peter Petreczky, QCD thermodynamics on the lattice and hadron resonance gas
  27. Scott Pratt, Manifestations of Viscosity and Pre-Equilibrium Flow in Heavy Ion Collisions
  28. Dirk Rischke, Complete second-order relativistic dissipative fluid dynamics
  29. Yuri Sinyukov, Non-equilibrium approaches to the pre-thermal and post-hadronisation stages of A+A collisions
  30. Huichao Song, Viscous hydrodynamics with shear and bulk viscosity
  31. Derek Teaney, Radiative energy loss and v2 spectra for viscous hydrodynamics
  32. Giorgio Torrieri, Towards a unified understanding of flow and jet energy loss at strong coupling
  33. Josh Vredevoogd, Viscous Hydrodynamics in (3+1) dimensions
  34. Sergei Voloshin, Measuring flow: details which matter
  35. Fuqiang Wang, Cone is medium response, Ridge is medium itself
  36. Klaus Werner, Hydrodynamical evolution based on flux tube initial conditions
  37. Zhe Xu, Shear Viscosity and Collective Flow in Heavy Ion Collisions within Parton Cascade Calculations

Group photo, Sept 18, 2009