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Venue: via Zoom
Time: Thursday, January 19, 2023, 2:15 pm
Contact: hees@itp.uni-frankfurt.de

A light shed on the decays of heavy flavored mesons

Sonali Patnaik (College of Basic Science and Humanities, OUAT, Bhubaneswar, India)

In view of recent measurements of anomalies in semileptonic B-meson decays at several collider experiments hinting at the possible violation of lepton-flavor universality, we have undertaken a review of theoretical foundations of the tree- and loop-level b decays along with the experimental background. We revisit the world averages in the updated environment for $R_{\mathrm{D}(\mathrm{D}^*)}$, $R_{\mathrm{K}(\mathrm{K}^*)}$, $R_{\mathrm{J}/\psi}$ and $R_{\eta_{\text{c}}}$, in a model dependent as well as independent approach and have provided the results. Further predictions of other anomalies in view of future high-statistics data are also discussed. A confirmation of these measurements would soon turn out to be the first observation of physics beyond the Standard Model giving a wider outlook on the better understanding of New Physics.

The talk will be live-streamed (but not recorded) via Zoom under

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