Transport Meeting

Location: Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS), Lecture Room 100
Time: Wednesday, November 19, 11:00am (s. t.)


Leonid Satarov

Equation of state and sound velocity of hadronic gas with hard-core interaction

Thermodynamic properties of hot and dense hadronic systems with a hard-sphere interaction are calculated in the Boltzmann approximation. Two parametrizations of pressure as a function of density are considered: the first one, used in the excluded volume model and the second one, suggested earlier by Carnahan and Starling. The results are given for one-component systems containing only nucleons or pions, as well as for chemically equilibrated mixtures of pions, nucleons and $\Delta$ resonances. It is shown that the Carnahan-Starling approach  can be used in a much broader range of hadronic densities as compared to the excluded volume model. In this case superluminal sound velocities appear only at very high densities, in the region where the deconfinement effects should be already important.

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