Transport Meeting

Location: FIAS Seminar Room 101
Time: Thursday, May 15, 11:00-12:00am (s.t.)


Di-hadron correlations in 3+1D hydrodynamics, the relativistic lattice boltzmann method and GPU computing

Longgang Pang (Institute of Particle Physics, Wuhan)

HIJING + ZPC (Zhang Bin's Parton Cascade) in the AMPT (A Multi Phase Transport) are used to generate fluctuating initial conditions for (3+1)D event-by-event ideal hydrodynamic simulations. With longitudinal fluctuations and intrinsic correlations from mini-jet partons and string fragments, we studied two dimensional di-hadron correlation $C_{12}( \Delta\eta, \Delta\phi)$ as a function of azimuthal angle and pseudo-rapidity difference. The study shows that the per-trigger particle pairs for charged hadrons at low transverse momentum at the LHC and RHIC can be described by event-by-event hydrodynamic simulations semi-quantitatively. It is observed that the relative height of the near side peak in per-trigger particle pairs is strongly correlated to the collectivity of the expanding fireball. I will also give an introduction to the recent progress in Relativistic Lattice Boltzmann Method for (3+1)D viscous hydro with a general EOS, and our recent effort on applying GPU parallel computing techniques to hydro and jet physics in Wuhan.

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