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Venue: Physics Building, Max-von-Laue-Str. 1, PHYS 02.116
Time: Thursday, November 07, 4:30pm (s.t.)
Contact: hees@itp.uni-frankfurt.de

Phase diagram of QCD and pion condensation

Jens Andersen (NTNU Trondheim)

I will discuss various aspects of the QCD phase diagram, in particular pion condensation at finite isospin chemical potential. I will present our recent calculation of the thermodynamic functions in the pion-condensed phase at next-to-leading order using chiral perturbation theory. At finite isospin chemical potential, but zero baryon chemical potential, there is no sign problem in QCD and the system is amenable to lattice simulations.I will compare our calculations with recent precision lattice simulations and discuss applications of the equation of state to pion stars.

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