Photo Absorption of Metal Clusters

Photo Absorption of Metal Clusters

Brief introduction

In this project electronic excitations of small metal clusters by weak laser fields have been studied [1], i.e. the dynamical response properties of the clusters within the linear regime. Due to the high sensitivity of the photo-absorption cross sections to both the geometrical structure of the clusters and exchange-correlation(xc)-effects there has been some controversy in the literature regarding the origin of differences between theory and experiment. As neither the cluster structure nor the xc-effects can be treated exactly, the deficiencies of approximations employed for the treatment of one effect tend to obsure the outcomes of the other and vice versa.

In the present work [1] only the role of xc-effects has been investigated. The influence of geometry has been completely neglected by using the structureless spherical jellium model. It has been the aim of this study to gain a better understanding of the validity of approximations to the xc-potential, which have recently been employed in time-dependent density functional calculations of photo-absorption cross sections.


  1. Th. Maier, PhD thesis, Univ. of Frankfurt (1997).

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