Low energy isomers of Phosphorus clusters

Low energy isomers of Phosphorus clusters

Density functional calculations on basis of Car-Parrinello technique [1], normconserving pseudopotentials (in the BHS form [2]) and local density approximation (in the VWN parameterization [3]).

I) P4-Isomers

a) Planar structure: E0=-26.390 hartree

p_4 planar

b) Tetrahedral structure: E0=-26.496 hartree

p_4 tetrahedral

II) P8-Isomers

a) Symmetric structure: E0=-52.935 hartree

p_8 cube

b) Jahn-Teller distorted structure: E0=-52.994 hartree

p_8 ground state


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Last modified: Mar 31, 2004