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The journal club is aimed at BSc-, MSc- or PhD-students and postdocs with interest in lattice field theory research.

Perhaps you already have some expertise based on the research for your thesis - perhaps you have just started a project within lattice field theory. Either way, you are welcome to join our weekly meetings, where we will discuss influential lattice papers and related topics.

The meetings will take place via zoom. One participant will present a previously assigned topic in about 30-45 minutes. Afterwards we have an informal discussion, where everybody is encouraged to participate. This is a good opportunity to broaden your perspective and also to practice giving a presentation. The topic of the talk will be sent around a few days in advance so that everybody can look into the subject.

The goals of the seminar and the planned format of the talks are summarized in these slides. Please design your talk to be interactive: you are welcome to create a poll or use the whiteboard feature of zoom. In case you are presenting slides, please send them to me in advance so they can be uploaded to the webpage.


Fridays at 14:30. A zoom link will be sent around in advance, together with the current topic and the relevant literature.

In the first organizatory meeting (April 23) we will distribute the topics.

To help preparing for the journal club, you are welcome to approach me with open questions on Wednesday (14:00-15:00) on the week of your talk. To arrange this, please contact me in advance.

Date Presenter Topic Material
April 16 recap and quiz poll results
April 23organizatory meeting
May 7Volodymyr ChelnokovRoberge-Weiss transitionslides
May 21Christopher WinterowdInverse Monte-Carlo methodsslides
June 4Andreas HalschReal-time lattice simulationsslides
June 18Jishnu GoswamiBanks-Casher relationslides
June 25Dean ValoisStochastic quantizationslides
July 2Pratitee PattanaikDensity of states methodslides
July 16David ClarkeAspects of lattice QCD thermodynamics
July 23Luis AltenkortConjugate gradient methodslides