Gergely Endrődi
Theoretical High Energy Group
Faculty of Physics, University of Bielefeld
Universitätsstr. 25, 33615 Bielefeld
Office: E6-140
Email: endrodi(AT)
Tel: 0521/106 - 2610
Fax: 0521/106 - 2961

Hi. I'm a theoretical particle physicist working in the field of lattice field theory. The lattice approach is a numerical method through which we can systematically investigate the elementary particles of nature. I'm particularly interested in the physics of quarks and gluons in extreme conditions: high temperatures, high densities and strong background magnetic fields.

I'm a professor at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Bielefeld (visit my homepage there) and the head of an Emmy Noether junior research group. I am also member of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC-TR211) of the Universities Bielefeld, Darmstadt and Frankfurt.

Some help with Hungarian pronounciation: please call me Gergő, which is a short version of Gergely.