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Über 250 Veröffentlichungen mit Koautoren aus vielen Ländern. Sie erschienen in den folgenden Journalen:

Annals of Physics
Australian Journal of Physics
Chemical Physics Letters
Comments at Atomic and Molecular Physics
Computational Physics Communications
Foundations of Physics
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
International Journal of Mass Spectroscopy
Journal de Chimie Physique
Journal of Computational Chemistry
Journal of Mathematical Physics
Journal de Physique
Journal of the Proceedings of the Physical Society of Japan
Nuclear Instrumental Methods
Nuclear Physics
Nuovo Cimento
Physical Review
Physical Review Letters
Physica Scripta
Physics Letters
Topics in Current Chemistry
Zeitschrift für Physik
as well as Proceedings of Conferences, Summer and other Schools.

Liste einiger Veröffentlichungen:

Relativistic Density Functional Theory
E. Engel, R.M. Dreizler, S. Varga and B. Fricke
in Relativistic Effects in Heavy Element Chemistry and Physics, B.A. Hess ed. (Wiley, 2003), p. 123

Application of implicit Density Functionals to 3d Transition Metal Oxides
R.N. Schmid, E. Engel and R.M. Dreizler
in NIC Symposium 2001 (Vol. 9) H. Rollnik and D. Wolf eds (John v. Neumann Institute, 2002), p. 213

Normconserving Pseudopotential Calculations for the exact Exchange Functional,
E.Engel, A. Höck, R.N. Schmid and R.M. Dreizler,
in Rev.Mod.Quant.Chem.Vol. I , K.D. Sen ed., (Singapore Scientific, 2002), p. 787

Extension of Kohn-Sham Theory to excited States by means of an off-diagonal Density Array
A. Klein and R.M. Dreizler
J.Phys. A35, (2002), p. 2685

Low Energy Electron Impact Ionization of the inner and outer Shells of Argon
D.A. Biava, H.P. Saha, E. Engel, R.M. Dreizler, R.P. McEachran M.A. Haynes, B. Lohmann, C.T. Whelan and D.H. Madison
Phys.Rev.Lett. 89, (2002), 213001

Relativistic Spin-Density Functional Theory: Robust Solution of single Particle Equations with exact Exchange
E. Engel, T. Auth and R.M. Dreizler
Phys.Rev. B64, (2001), 235126

Role of the Core-Valence Interaction for Pseudpotential Calculations with the exact Exchange
E. Engel, A. Höck, R.N. Schmid, R.M. Dreizler and N. Chetty
Phys.Rev. B64, (2001), 125111

Investigation of the Correlation Potential from Kohn-Sham Perturbation Theory
A. Facco Bonetti, E. Engel, R.N. Schmid and R.M. Dreizler
Phys.Rev.Lett. 86, (2001), p. 2241

Charge Changing Processes in Collisions between Li-like Ions and He(2+)
D. Skiera, R. Trassl, K. Huber, H. Bräuning, E. Salzborn, M. Keim, A. Achenbach, T. Kirchner, H.J. Lüdde and R.M. Dreizler
Phys.Scr. T9207, (2001), p. 423

Time Correlation in Two Electron Transitions produced in fast Collisions of Atoms with Matter and Light
J.H. McGuire, A.L. Godunov, S.G. Tolmanov, K.H. Shakov, R. Dörner, H. Schmidt-Böcking and R.M. Dreizler
Phys.Rev. A63, (2001), 052706

On the Influence of using Dirac-Fock rather than Density Functional potentials in the relativistic DWBA Approximation
M Kampp, C.T. Whelan, N.C. Pyper, H.R.J. walters, R.M. Dreizler, H. Ast, S. Keller and L.U. Ancarani
in Many Particle Spectroscopy, J. Berakdar and J. Kirschner eds (Kluwer, 2001), p. 91

Effective Potential Study of (e,2e) Processes with polarised Electrons
U. Lechner, S. Keller, H.J. Lüdde, E. Engel and R.M. Dreizler
in Many Particle Spectroscopy, J. Berakdar and J. Kirschner eds (Kluwer, 2001), p. 99

Assorted Remarks on Density Functional Theory
R.M. Dreizler
in Many Particle Spectroscopy, J. Berakdar and J. Kirschner eds (Kluwer, 2001), p. 407

Van der Waals Bonds in Density Functional Theory
E. Engel, A. Höck and R.M. Dreizler
Phys.Rev. A 61, (2000), 032502

Accuracy of the Krieger-Li-Iafrate Approximations for Molecules
E. Engel, A. Höck and R.M. Dreizler
Phys.Rev. A 62, (2000), 042502

Time dependent Screening Effects in Ion-Atom Collisions with many active Electrons
T. Kirchner, M. Horbatsch, H.J. Lüdde and R.M. Dreizler
Phys. Rev. A61, (2000), 042502

Double Ionisation of He in fast Ion Collisions: Comparative Study of Model Wavefunctions
S. Keller, B. Bapat, R. Moshammer, J. Ulrich and R.M. Dreizler
J.Phys. B33, (2000), p. 1447

Quantum Mechanical Description of Ionization, Capture and Excitation in Proton Collisions with Oxygen
T. Kirchner, H.J. Lüdde, M. Horbatsch and R.M. Dreizler
Phys.Rev. A61, (2000), 052710

Effective Single Particle Description of Single and Multiple Processes in Proton and Antiproton Collisions with Neon
T. Kirchner, H.J. Lüdde and R.M. Dreizler
Phys.Rev. A 61, (2000), 012705

From Explicit to Implicit Functionals
E.Engel and R.M. Dreizler
J.Comp.Chem. 20 , (1999), p. 31

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