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TYPO3 is very flexible and scalable open source web content manage system. Currently the page of itp.uni-frankfurt.de are served by Typo3. In the following we collect all interesting thing for our TYPO3 editors.

If you are new to TYPO3 start with the slides from first seminar pdf.

Creating Latex formulas in normal Text

We have installed the extension 'latexmath' [1] which provides in-line generation of Latex formulas.

Typo3 latex1.png

In the RTE (Rich Text Editor) you will find a button which is name "Insert user defined tag" (right button in the image). Enter the the latex formula, select the latex code with the mouse and hit the button.

Typo3 latex2.png

After that a popup dialog opens, select Latex. Unfortunately you will see no effect in the WYSIWYG view. It may look like this:

Typo3 latex3.png

If you switch to the source view (Button '<>') you will see your latex code surrounded by <math> </math> Tags.

Typo3 latex4.png

If you prefer you can add the latex code and the <math>-Tag directly in the source view, skipping the interactive part.