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Printing from Windows is only supported with IPP. Windows/Samba printer shares are no longer available. Unfortunately this is not as smooth as in Linux or MacOS.

This means installing printers is a bit more complicated. Automatic downloading of drivers is not supported. Our preconfigured Windows 10 VMs come with preinstalled central printers (km1/2, psColor 1/2, psBlack1/2). Personal printers are handled in a different manner.

Download driver archive

Download the zip archive for the central printers here: [1]. Access is restricted to the campus LAN.

Installing the drivers

  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. Open the "Printer & Scanner" management page from the system settings.
  3. Click on Add printer. Due to network design the printers will not be found automatically. Click on "The printer is not listed" (this option is often not shown immediately, but after Windows searched for a few seconds).
  4. Choose the "Select shared printer by name" and enter the URL http://print-itp:631/printers/PRINTERNAME. Hereby replace PRINTERNAME with one of our central printers: psBlack1, psBlack2, psColor1, psColor2, km1, km2. Then click continue.
  5. Then you have to choose a driver. Click on "Datenträger" and locate the unziped files.
  6. In the located directory search for the matching subdirectory and driver file. For the printers km1/2 this is the directory "kmX" and the file "KOAYTA_". For the printers psColor1/2 this is the directory "KyoClassicUniversalKPDL_v3.3" with the subdirectory "German" and there the file "OEMSETUP". For the printers psBlack1/2 this is the directory "HP" and one of the files there e.g. "hpbuio200l".
  7. In the next window choose one of the two displayed drivers and continue.
  8. Last you can choose a name for the printer.

For the printers psColor1 and psColor2 you additionally need to activate color printing: In the printer properties of each of the printers go to the tab extended settings and switch to color there to be able to print in color. In the printer settings go to the tab Paper/Quality and set to color to get color as standard printing mode.