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Mailman3 is complete rewrite of the Mailman Software we used for the last decade. The basic handling like posting, subscribing has not changed, but esp. the web interface has been improved. There are other aspects of our local installation, which have been improved.

Dedicated Subdomain
All mailing lists are now served by a subdomain 'lists'. This makes clearly visible if users are sending to a person (are alias) or to a mailing list. Because the software is now capable to handle multiple domains, lists are assigned to single domain. There is support for
To ensure compatibility there are alias definitions on the primary mail domain.

The web frontend is also served by a dedicate host

Optional Account

In the old version each list subscription had a password, which has been stored and mailed as clear text. Now the user can create a single account in the web frontend, which handles all subscriptions. For only posting and receiving list mails this is not needed.

Modern Archiver

The archive look now similar to a web forum and can used like this. This requires an account.


When interacting with mailman, you may stumble on strange names. Because mailman is build on different exchangeable components, everyone has a nice name:

The Web interface for managing lists
The Archiver