Theoretical Quantum Optics WS 2015/16

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Walter Hofstetter 


Course Information

    • The evaluation of the lecture will take place on Tuesday 15.12. at 11:30.
    • The first exam (Modulprüfung) will take place on Thursday, February 25, 2016, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM, in the room Physik 01.114.
    • The repeat exam (Wiederholungs-Modulprüfung) will take place on Tuesday, March 22, 2016, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM, in the room Physik 01.101.
    • The course will start on Oct 13, 2015.




    • Quantization of electromagnetic fields and properties of coherent states 
    • Squeezed states
    • Phase space representation
    • Wigner function
    • Quantum mechanics of open systems
    • Lindblad and Fokker-Plank equations
    • Quantum Markov-process 
    • Decoherence and theory of measurement
    • Handling quantum information with quantum optical systems
    • Cavity QED
    • Theory of lasers
    • Light forces 
    • Ultracold atomic gases


    Dates and Location


    Dates:Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 - 12:00
    Location:Phys. 01.114


    Lecture Notes


    Lecture #DateTopic Preliminary Script Complete Script and papers
    113.10.2015Quantization of the electromagnetic field

    chapter 1

    Nobel prize 2012: controlled quantum systems of atoms and light

    215.10.2015Thermal and coherent stateslecture 2single-photon device
    3-420.10.2015Squeezed states, classical vs. quantum coherence

    lecture 3-4a

    lecture 3-4b

    chapter 2
    5-627.10.2015Quantum coherence, photon bunchinglecture 5-6
    7-803.11.2015Beam splitters, Mach-Zehnder interferometer, P-representation of the electromagnetic field

    lecture 7-8a

    lecture 7-8b

    Hanbury-Brown and Twiss ExperimentHong-Ou-Mandel interferometerinterference of two BECsbunching vs antibunching in ultracold atomsphoton antibunchingquantum statistics
    9-1010.11.2015Representations of the electromagnetic field: Q-, P- and Wigner functionlecture 9-10

    chapter 3

    Bosonic collapse/revival and the Q-function

    11-1217.11.2015Atom-field interactions, classical and quantumlecture 11-12chapter 4
    13-1424.11.2015Stimulated emission, Rabi- and Jaynes-Cummings-model, vacuum Rabi oscillationslecture 13-14
    15-1601.12.2015Collapse and revival, dressed states, entanglement and von Neumann entropylecture 15-16Rydberg atoms in cavity QED
    17-1808.12.2015Entanglement, von Neumann entropy, generalized measurement, quantum maps for open systems

    lecture 17-18a

    lecture 17-18b

    Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox and Bell inequalitylong-distance entangled photons
    19-2015.12.2015Kraus representation, quantum noise for a Qbit, optical Bloch equationslecture 19-20chapter 5
    2122.12.2015Optical Bloch equations, Lindblad master equationlecture 21
    22-2312.01.2016Lindblad master equation, damped harmonic oscillatorlecture 22-23
    24-2519.01.2016Dissipative 2-state system, quantum Brownian motionlecture 24-25
    26-2726.01.2016Quantum Brownian motion

    lecture 26-27

    28-2902.02.2016Master equation versus numerical renormalization groupDissipative dynamics of 2 spins2-level system in an atomic quantum dot
    30-3109.02.2016Trapped ion quantum computation
    lecture 30-31Quantum measurement and decoherenceQuantum non-demolition measurement
    chapter 6




    Dr. Tao Qin   


    Wed 14:00 - 16:00Phys 01.101

    Andreas Geissler




    Tutorial #DateTopicPoints
    113.10.2015 Displacement operatorset1 points
    220.10.2015Squeeze operator and squeezed coherent stateset2 points
    327.10.2015Casimir effectset3 points
    403.11.2015Hanbury Brown-Twiss experimentset4 points
    510.11.2015Beam splitter operatorset5 points
    617.11.2015Homodyne detectionset6 points
    724.11.2015Representation functionsset7 points
    801.12.2015Dressed states and Rabi modelset8 points
    908.12.2015Jaynes-Cummings modelset9 points
    1015.12.2015Two-photon Jaynes-Cumming modelset10 points
    1112.01.2016Decoherence by phase dampingset11 points
    1219.01.2016Superposition of coherent statesset12 points
    1326.01.2016Lindblad equationset13 points
    15.02.2016Total points
    total points





    M. Scully and M. Zubairy Quantum OpticsCambridge, 1997
    R. LoudonThe Quantum Theory of lightOxford, 2000
    S. Haroche and J.-M. RaimondExploring the Quantum: Atoms, Cavities and PhotonsOxford, 2006
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    C. Gardiner and P. ZollerThe Quantum World of Ultra-Cold Atoms and Light (Book I and II)Imperial College Press, 2014 and 2015
    C.W. Gardiner and P. ZollerQuantum NoiseSpringer, 2004






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