Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics


In theoretical condensed matter physics one applies quantum mechanics and statistical physics to the real world. The advanced methods of quantum field theory, such as Feynman diagrams and renormalization group methods, are used to solve interesting problems. Furthermore methods like density-functional theory are applied.

Areas of Research

Research group Claudius Gros

  • collective quantum states in low-dimensional transition metals,
  • resonating valence-bond theory of high-temperature superconductors,
  • modelling of higher-order brain functions by associative networks.

Research group Walter Hofstetter

  • correlation effects in ultracold atomic gases,
  • transport through electronic nanostructures,
  • numerical renormalization group techniques,
  • flow equation approach to strongly correlated electron systems,

Research group Peter Kopietz:

  • strongly correlated electrons,
  • quantum theory of magnetism,
  • disorder in electronic systems,
  • electrons in mesoscopic systems.

Research group Roser Valenti:

  • electronic and magnetic properties of novel transition-metal oxides,
  • non-reciprocal effects of antiferromagnetic and ferroelectric materials,
  • ground-state and optical properties of conjugated polymers

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We participate with two projects (Teilprojekt 5 und Teilprojekt 12) in the DFG-Forschergruppe 412 Spin- und Ladungsträgerkorrelationen in niedrigdimensionalen metallorganischen Festkörpern. The focus of our work is on:

  • Teilprojekt 5:

    • localized spin systems and
    • itinerant ferromagnetism in reduced dimensions.

  • Teilprojekt 12:

    • low-dimensional spin-transition systems and
    • metalorganic coordination polymers.

DFG Transregio 49

We participate with three projects (Projekt A3, A8, B2) in the DFG Transregio 49 Condensed Matter Systems with Variable Many-Body Interactions . The focus of our work is on:

  • Project A3 Hofstetter

    • Inhomogeneous quantum phases in ultracold gases with strong correlations

  • Project A8 Kopietz

    • Interacting magnons and critical behaviour of bosons

  • Project B2 Jeschke/Valenti

    • Ab initio modelling and design of correlated material

[DFG Transregio 49]

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